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   Enabling & Optimizing the Sales Process

In startups you are often tasked with developing a new market or a new approach to an existing solution, new ways to sell, and more importantly educating prospects. In new markets you don’t generally find customers ready to buy and looking for a solution. You need to start the process and prove the value of a new type/class of service and convince them they need what you have to offer.


I have spent my career at startups addressing this problem. Building a sales infrastructure to find, educate, and guide prospects through the process to close.

  • Map the sales process
  • Customize a CRM solution to match your needs
  • Integrate a CRM system and sales team with your sales process
  • Generate leads to fill your sales funnel through white paper programs, SEO, PPC, events, webinars, email, etc.
  • Manage and train an inside sales team
  • Develop materials to educate prospects and guide them through the sales process